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Sunday, November 10th

C Varsity will play Caldwell at Cedar Grove High School at 12:00 NOON

A Varsity will play West Essex at Fairfield Rec Complex at 3:00 p.m.

Our Teams :

FLAG FOOTBALL and FLAG CHEER 1-2nd grade September 2019

C Team Football and Cheer: 3rd & 4th Grade in September 2019

B Team Football and Cheer: 5th & 6th Grade in September 2019

Team Football and Cheer: 7th & 8th Grade in September 2019

Note: If your child is new to the league please upload your child's birth certificate during the on-line registration.


Football and Our Cheer program $190.00 per child AFTER April 30th $250.00 per child.  (Multiple Child Discount will automatically be deducted when registering for all programs except FLAG)   Please remember to add your second or see the second child button before you pay.  

Flag and Flag Cheer $75 per child.

Weight Information 2019:

A level 7th-8th grade Lineman max 160 lbs / week 4 161 lbs / week 7 162 lbs and Position Player max 143 lbs
B level 5th-6th grade Lineman max 133 lbs  and Position Player max 121 lbs

    C level 3rd-4th grade Lineman max 108 lbs  and Position Player max 98 lbs


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