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Super Bowl Sunday November 22 at 11:AM Freedom Field Verona
Verona Eagles C Team vs Fairfield Falcons C Team 


Players are required to have their face-mask shield attached to their helmet in order to play and bring a sideline mask when their helmet is off. Bring a well marked water bottle filled for the game.  No water will be supplied.  Players will be screened before entering the filed so bring your forms to the game!

Our stands and facility have a limitation of 500 people.  Please limit your family attending the game to parents or guardians with siblings that can not be left at home.  YOU MUST WEAR A MASK ONCE ON PROPERTY AT ALL TIMES.  The snack bar will not be open.


The WEJFL schedule has been set for our opening game.  We are scheduled to open the season on Saturday, 10/3/20 at home against Cedar Grove.  The game times are tentatively set for C team - 3:30 pm, B Team - 5 pm and A Team - 6:30 pm.  These may be shifted depending on the availability of referees.  Please note that for the season, the varsity games will be played either Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons.  JV games will usually be played on Saturday mornings or Monday evenings.  Scheduling of these games depends on the home team and field and referee availability.  As we get closer to the start of the season, the game days and times may be updated.

The West Essex Junior Football League is preparing for the 2020 season.   As guidelines for the return to youth sports continue to be updated, the league is taking guidance from several sources.  These sources include, but are not limited to, the following:

CDC guidelines for youth sports, NJ state guidelines for youth sports, NJSIAA guidelines for high school football & cheerleading, USA Football Return to Youth Football Guidelines, and Pop Warner guidelines. 

Additionally, the league will be mandating further safety measures, including league mandated lower facemask shields, and face coverings for players, cheerleaders, coaches, staff, etc. when appropriate.

With all the new guidelines set forth this year, we will be asking all parents for their increased cooperation while we meet and follow the new guidelines.

In addition to the guidelines set forth by the above listed entities, the Verona Eagles will also be following additional specific guidelines.    *** These are now posted on our website ***   Please review them immediately and reach out with any questions.

Parents and guardians of all football players and cheerleaders will be required to complete and submit a Covid-19 screening questionnaire and waiver prior to each practice and game.   These forms must be competed prior to drop off and brought with your player to practice check in.  This is required and no player will be allowed to practice/play or participate in any manner without these forms being properly competed and submitted daily .   ***These 2 forms are posted to our website*** Please review them immediately and reach out with any questions.  Please have them printed out and completed prior to drop off.  

With the current guidelines set in place, the Verona Eagles program will be starting practice the week of 9/8/20.  As mentioned above, games will begin the weekend of October 3 rd.

As set forth in the Verona Eagles Guidelines for player and coaches, players on the A, B and C football teams will be dropped off for practice at specific times according to assigned groups.  These groupings will be sent via e-mail directly to each team.

The practice times for football opening practices next week are as follows: (Cheer teams will receive practice information directly from their coaches via e-mail.)

A Team Tuesday 9/8/20 -  Freedom Field - drop off between 6- 6:30,  Practice from 6:30- 8 pm.

B Team - Wednesday 9/9/20 - Freedom Field - drop off between 5:30 - 6, Practice from 6- 7:30

C Team - Tuesday 9/8/20 -Liberty Field - drop off between 5:30 - 6, Practice from 6-7 pm, followed by equipment handout at the Freedom Field Sheds.

Flag Football- Saturday 9/12/20, drop off, brief parent meeting and jersey handout at 9:30 am, Practice from 10-11 am.

A, B, C and flag teams - Practice Attire - For A, B, C and flag teams players should wear shorts, t shirts, cleats (optional at flag) and practice jerseys and bring their bag with required items (water, face covering, etc.) as set forth in the guidelines.  (C Team and Flag will wear practice jerseys once they are handed out t-shirts are fine for the first day.)

A, B and C teams will transition into full pads the week of 9/14/20.

*** Flag players must also have their mouthpieces for the first practice.***

If anyone has any questions or concerns about any of the guidelines, waiver, daily attendance form or anything else in connection with the program and the upcoming season, please do not hesitate to reach out at  

Thank you all for your cooperation and patience, we look forward to a great season for our football players and cheerleaders.


As set forth in the Verona Eagles Guidelines for player and coaches, players on the A, B and C football teams will be dropped off for practice at specific times according to assigned groups .  These groupings will be sent via e-mail directly to each team.

See attachments below for practice and information needed for next week.

Please read the Guidelines below and bring the screening and waiver forms everyday to practice filled out:

Verona Eagles Guidleines for Player-Coaches -Families.docx                                                    

Verona Eagles WAIVER 2 Sept 21 2020.pdf

Our Teams :

FLAG FOOTBALL and FLAG CHEER 1-2nd grade September 2020

C Team Football and Cheer: 3rd & 4th Grade in September 2020

B Team Football and Cheer: 5th & 6th Grade in September 2020

Team Football and Cheer: 7th & 8th Grade in September 2020

Note: If your child is new to the league please upload your child's birth certificate during the on-line registration.

**Residency rule:  The child must reside in a home in Verona NJ as of September 1, 2020 or they will not be eligible to participate in the program there after.


Football and Our Cheer program $190.00 per child.  (Multiple Child Discount will automatically be deducted when registering for all programs except FLAG)   Please remember to add your second or see the second child button before you pay.  

Flag and Flag Cheer $75 per child.

**** At the payment page please choose ( Skip Payment For Now ) You invoice will be due for online payment on or around August 1.    

Weight Information 2020:

A level 7th-8th grade Lineman max 160 lbs / week 4 161 lbs / week 7 162 lbs and Position Player max 143 lbs
B level 5th-6th grade Lineman max 133 lbs  and Position Player max 121 lbs

    C level 3rd-4th grade Lineman max 108 lbs  and Position Player max 98 lbs

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